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Engineering communications

Professional Telecommunications & IT engineers. We offer bespoke engineering solutions for your business, home or leisure vehicle. Contact us today to find out more.

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What we Offer

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Vessel Network Survey

Attention to Detail Guaranteed

Is your internet supply failing you? are you fed up with buffering with intermittent services that no matter what you do just don't seem to be good enough?  Then get in touch with 30 years experience in Telecoms we will provide a detailed report to take away to your vendors, we offer solutions that optimize your networks, make better use of what you have often the systems just need fine-tuning or a change of practices. With the right information, we can empower you to get what you need and stop wasting resources on expensive network solutions. If you have a new vessel we will ensure you get the right equipment 1st time so you have a resilient, fully optimized network that guarantees network uptime and lasts well into the future.

Satellite Communications

Efficient. Reliable. Professional Service

We supply VSAT solutions in partnership with the world’s best VSAT Systems. A quality managed VSAT system will keep you connected at all times. We have partnered with the best equipment vendors and service providers to give you precisely that. If you are looking for consistently available internet service, then VSAT is the ideal solution and surprisingly affordable. We can install on your pleasure vehicle, yacht or home. So no matter where you are you can stay connected to the digital world. VSAT is no longer restricted to a Massive dome, we offer flat-panel technology so we can install in your home, vehicle or yacht.

Office Fit Out

Customized to Your Preferences

If your moving office or setting up a new one. We can help you set up exactly how you want it. Our expertise in modern office solutions will allow you to create a dynamic, future proof office with fantastic tech systems, like Meeting Room booking, Video Conference systems, CCTV, WIFI and guest WIFI, Secure networks with correct pricing, Desktop solutions, VOIP telephone systems, and office entertainment. We will help you keep to your budget and offer you efficient alternatives, that make good use of your IT systems. Want to set up a quality system at home then we can do that too.

Data Cable Installation
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Entertainment Systems

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service

Through industry-leading partnerships, we connect you with IPTV, TVRO, and Sky Offshore. Like our other services, we install, configure and maintain so at sea you never have to feel disconnected from the world around you and never far from the most popular TV channels. Want a system for your office or home with audio music systems and cinematic experience. We can set you up. Want to set up a smart home or have the same features on your vessel as you do at home then we can help you obtain the right platform.

Mobile Broadband & Offshore Cellular 4G/5G

Amplified signal quality 30-40km range

Perfect for coastal cruising, 3G and 4G and now 5G will provide high-speed internet connections, we put you in control of the data usage so you can restrict or enable individual user access to the service. We can set you up with a booster, so mobile broadband will work perfectly along most coastlines, and we can even group several SIMs to share the same data allowance. We provide the hardware, service and technical expertise while you sail stress-free, do you operate a coastal vessel we can keep you connected up to 40km from the shore.

Network Security

Thorough Stress testing

Our security assessment is exceptional, and if you choose our support we consistently maintain the full integrity of your connections. We can check for potential breaches, improve your operational practices and provide training for your staff. We can install security platforms where you set the limits and you decide which devices and what traffic is allowed on your network, giving you full control of your security, alternatively leave the management to us. With advanced systems that put you in control but without complication and easy to follow guides we can have your home vessel or business secure and safe, with training for the users of the network to prevent breaches.


Drone Defense

Strong Privacy Deterent

Our friends at have what we consider to be the best Drone defense system on the Market. Do you value your privacy? You can now install a system that not only keeps drones away from your property but captures them also so you can remove images and prosecute. If you would like to know more about this fantastic system contact us to discuss we are happy to help you get the best solution for your yacht, home or business. Alternatively, contact them directly and let them know we sent you.

AV Systems

We have partenered with the Finest

If you need an AV system in your Home, Vessel or Business we have got you covered. Get state of the art conferencing to breathtaking entertainment systems including VR and Virtual Conferencing. How about virtual meeting solutions. We are able to connect you with amazing tech that allows you to enjoy innovative solutions to modern-day difficulties.

Fibre Testing

Quality Testing and equipment installation

We can install fiber platforms and test fiber circuits we work the biggest names in the industry installing a very high standard and impressive after quality assessment record. Have you got a requirement for a fibre network do you live in a rural area and are thinking about building your own rural network to bring your village into the future. It may seem daunting but we have the expertise to get you set up so you can start getting quality services that the ISP's deem too costly to install. Together we can connect your community.

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